ekip Policy Areas

The 17 partners of ekip bring specific competences to the innovation policy platform. The process of formulating policies to develop innovation ecosystems for the creative industries is compared to an engine. More than 40 CCI network and organisations across Europe are engaged to start the policy engine by defining and giving the engine data about policy areas. The data is then analysed, prioritised, and further processed and brought to the Policy Lab. In the lab, new formulations are produced, iterated, and tested in partner cities ecosystems.


Our first policy area: AI and CCI

AI technological wave has unleashed a plethora of transformative opportunities, enabling individuals and communities to reach unprecedented levels of interconnectedness, ingenuity, and progress. The CCI, serving as an indispensable cornerstone of our societies, plays a crucial role in harnessing these advancements.  Technopolis organized our first Policy Lab in January, that will lead up to policy recommendation that we will deliver to EU Commission and network partners at large.

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