July 2 2024

ekip´s profile of the month: Michalis Stangos

By Katerina Kalimera

Michalis Stangos, Founder and CEO of MSCOMM, is our featured profile of the month. As a leading figure in the Greek communication industry and ecosystem building, Michalis has been instrumental in shaping strategies that blend traditional values with innovative approaches. His insights on “Creative Greece” provide a unique perspective on the country’s cultural and economic landscape.

When asked about the strategy behind Creative Greece, Michalis emphasized the importance of leveraging Greece’s rich cultural heritage to foster economic growth and international collaboration. “Greece has a profound cultural legacy that can serve as a cornerstone for economic development. By promoting our cultural assets, we not only attract tourism but also create opportunities for creative industries and technological innovation.”

The Creative Greece initiative, spearheaded by the Culture Ministry, aims to promote the country’s creative industries and advance audiovisual productions. A new agency, Creative Greece, will merge the National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication (EKOME), the Greek Film Centre, and the Hellenic Copyright Organisation. This merger seeks to protect and boost the film and audiovisual sectors, stimulate creativity, support producers, and attract new investments.

This new entity is part of broader efforts to establish Greece as a prime film location. The successful incentive program for film and TV production has already attracted major international productions and foreign investment. Additionally, a U.S.-Bulgarian consortium plans to invest €50 million in sound stages and post-production facilities in Thessaloniki and Athens. Recently, EKOME and Enterprise Greece showcased Greece at the American Film Market, enhancing its profile in the global film industry.

“Our primary goal is to increase the international reach of contemporary Greek culture,” explained Christos Dimas, Former Deputy Minister of Culture, and Leonidas Christopoulos, President of EKOME added “Creative Greece is a step into the future to further support and strengthen the film and audiovisual sector in Greece and the art of cinema in our country.” The new agency will develop a national strategy for film and television productions, manage copyrights, and provide financing. Concurrently, the ministry plans to create a new school for performance arts, support the literary arts, and establish a creativity hub in the historic Akropol theater in Athens.

Looking ahead, Michalis envisions a future where Greek culture is seamlessly integrated with modern technology and global trends. He sees potential in digital transformation, where traditional cultural elements are presented through contemporary digital platforms. “The future lies in our ability to innovate while respecting our roots.”

In conclusion, Michalis Stangos’s vision for Creative Greece is a blend of heritage and innovation. His strategy focuses on using modern communication tools to elevate Greece’s cultural presence globally, ensuring that the country’s rich history continues to inspire and drive future growth. “Culture is our identity. By embracing it and sharing it with the world, we pave the way for a vibrant and prosperous future for Greece.”


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ekip´s profile of the month: Michalis Stangos

As a leading figure in the Greek communication industry and ecosystem building, Michalis has been instrumental in shaping strategies...


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